You have booked a car hire at Alicante Airport with Victoria Cars. Now what?

As you already know at Alicante airport Victoria Rent a Car have a meeting point, from where our free shuttle service will drive you to our office and from the office on your way back.

Why using a shuttle service?

Car Hire Alicante Airport

Victoria Rent a Car Alicante Airport shutle bus.

You may think that this service is not comfortable and will be difficult to do it. You couldn’t be more wrong. Actually it is a lot easier than you ca imagine.
You will just have to go down to level minus 2 and look for the bus parking number 1-5. Our free shuttle will be waiting for your and drive immediately to our office located 2 minutes away from the airport. We will park just next to your rental car.
There is no waiting time with this service. Once you arrive at the office there are no ques. Simply get off the shuttle bus, do all paperwork in a few minute and ready to go.



How do I return the rental car?

This process is also very easy. You simply have to go to the same place where you picked up your rental car and within a few minutes, the shuttle service will drive you back to the airport.

Why is so easy to collect the rental car?

When you book your car hire at Alicante airport the price with our Premium Pack includes a fully comprehensive insurance with no deposit and no excess. This means there is no checking to me made.

Still not convinced?

See this video and you will see how easy is to arrive at our meeting point. Here is the point where you adventure in Spain will start.

We are sure when once you use this system for your car hire at Alicante Airport you will repeat.