Exploring Alicante: Guide of the best attractions in the city

What to see in Alicante One of Alicante's best things is the variety of attractions it offers to its visitors. Whether looking for some relaxing beach vacancies and a tour of Histia and culture, Alicante has something for all tastes. These son some of Alicante's main attractions. The first stop for any visitor to Alicante

Clot de Galvany

Today, we put on our backpack and, as it could not be otherwise, we will set our destination in the municipality of Elche, specifically between the suburbs of Gran Alacant, Balsares and Los Arenales del Sol. And it is that, within this marked triangle is where one of the most beautiful protected wetlands in the

The Castle of Chirel, the imposing and ancient natural viewpoint of Cortes de Pallás

The beauty of the natural landscapes that Valencia offers us from north to south, and from east to west, without a doubt, has no comparison, since it is one of the places that has more castles and heritage sites within the Spanish territory. Currently, several of these historic sites remain standing and, while some have

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