If you want to visit a city in Spain, Benidorm is one of the best options, because you will not regret it, since it is one of the most beautiful and imposing places not only in the country, but in the whole world. No, we are not exaggerating. If you have already come and know the viewpoints of Benidorm, you know what we are talking about. If you are a tourist who has never come to the city of Alicante, after reading this article, you will understand what we mean.

In Benidorm you can not only visit different dream sites, but it is also an excellent place to take photographs from the Viewpoints of Benidorm, or simply contemplate the immensity of nature that surrounds us, with spectacular sunsets, which you will never want to end. That is why we prepare the four best viewpoints in Benidorm, which you can not miss.

Mirador del Castillo (Plaza del Castell)

If we go to the Plaza de Castell, you can access the Mirador del Castillo passing an arch, which is located in the old town of the city of Alicante. If you want to get to this viewpoint in Benidorm, you must reach the Church of San Jaime and Santa Ana. For this, you must first climb the Carrer Major.

When you reach the top, you will be stepping on the land where, in 1813, approximately, the Castle was. On this site, there is currently the Plaza de Santa Ana, or Plaza de los Cañones, where, two centuries ago, the fortress was. In fact, the access from the Church is, perhaps, the only remaining remnant of the Castle.

In this central area, where the medieval Castle was located, you will see a balustrade with arches and a well, and you may come across a wedding or other event, since it became a beautiful place for this type of celebrations.


Balcony of the Mediterranean

Perhaps you know this Mirador de Benidorm as the Mirador de Punta Canfali. Either way, this is one of the most popular places for tourists, since it is a site characterized by being an icon of the country, as it is on a large rock located in the Mediterranean Sea itself.

To get to this rock, which was reformed to make it pentagonal, you must climb some stairs that are in front of the geyser. When making this reform, you will be able to see, on the ground, under transparent plates, fossil remains from centuries ago, which they left so that tourists can contemplate these findings.

In addition, the Balcony of the Mediterranean is characterized by being the Viewpoint of Benidorm that separates the Poniente Beach from the Levante Beach.

Viewpoint of the Cross

The Mirador de la Creu is not only a tourist place, but it is also a city to live, or stay a few days, since there is a wide variety of hotels and apartments. To get to this viewpoint, you can go up by car to the end of the Levante beach, although, if you prefer, you can do it walking, but you may need a respirator later.

When you reach the highest point, you must leave your vehicle parked next to the route, to continue along a rocky path. You must climb a staircase to the Mirador de la Creu, from where you can see the cross in Sierra Helada, behind the Torre Lugano. In addition, you can see part of Levante, up to the Rincon de Loix.

Viewpoint of the hermitage of the Virgen del Mar

Ideal for landscape photographers, the Mirador de la ermita de la Virgen del Mar is, precisely, a viewpoint with a great panoramic view of the Poniente Beach. For this, you can go by the Mont Benidorm, which is located on the opposite side of Levante. By the highest part of this mountain you can access the Viewpoint of the hermitage of the Virgen del Mar.

This Benidorm Viewpoint is characterized, among its many qualities, for providing a perfect view of the two tallest buildings in this city of Alicante: the Gran Hotel Bali, which is located to the left of the two towers belonging to In Tempo, which is about 200 meters high. These buildings are linked by a large and brilliant diamond, which is located between both structures.

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