When you make a reservation on Victoriacars website, you have booked a vehicle with the company indicated on the voucher. This provider can be Victoriacars itself or other company, according to your destination and the availability of the vehicles in the moment when you make the reservation.

For other providers than Victoriacars, you can check the terms and conditions of each provider in the moment when you make the reservation. In the moment the vehicle is being collected, you will sign a rental agreement with the provider indicated in your voucher with the same rate that you can see on the booking confirmation. However, the provider reserve its right to apply additional fees according to the local peculiarities. These fees are well indicated in the Terms and Conditions of the rental agreement. Victoriacars always recommend  you to purchase the Fully Comprehensive Insurance offered directly by the rental provider.

Below are the commercial terms and conditions of VictoriaCars. If you have any doubts with this terms and conditions, you can contact Victoriacars by phone on 0034 96 583 02 54 or per e-mail at info@victoriacars.com

Commercial terms and Conditions of Victoriacars

Alicante Airport – Valencia Airport – Calpe Office and Deliveries door to door in Costa Blanca

    • Tax included: 21% IVA (VAT)
    • Airport and local taxes
    • Airport taxes
    • Mandatory driving insurance
    • Third Party coverage insurance
    • Collision Damage Waiver (CDW)
    • Theft Insurance (THW)
    • Milleage included in your reservation
    • Unlimited milleage according to particular hire conditions
    • Amendmends and cancelations
    •  Pay on arrival or discounts for prepayment
    • 24 hours emergency telephone number
    • Road assistance

In most of our location, your vehicle will be delivered in our offices, based within a short distance from the airport and transfer is free of charge between office and airport and round trip (The exact location for our meeting point will be indicated in the voucher and depends on the location). With this system you will be able to collect your car hire faster as you will avoid the airport ques. For Alicante and Valencia Airport offices there is a surcharge of 25€ for delivery and collection out of the standard office hours, between 20:00 and 08:00.

In case your flight is delayed or due to reasons out of suppliers hands and vehicle must be delivered out of the office hours, the Out Of Hours surcharge will be applied.

Due to the time and mobility restrictions imposed in the Community of Valencia by DECREE 15/2020 of 30 October adopting temporary and exceptional measures as a result of the health crisis caused by Covid-19 and under the cover of the declaration of the state of alert.

For this reason, at Victoria Cars we have to adapt our office hours as follows:

Victoria Rent a Car Office Alicante Airport

Monday – Sunday from 08:00 to 20:00

Victoria Rent a Car Office Valencia Airport

Monday – Sunday from 08:00 to 20:00

For any delivery or return of the rental car outside the indicated hours, a surcharge of 25 Euros will be applied as Out of Hours.

This extra charge will be automatically added to your reservation in the last step, thus indicating the final amount to be paid.

Vehicles will be returned at the address of the return office selected, well indicated by the provider within the hours indicated.

Depending on the on collection and return office, it may be posible to return the vehicle in a different office of Victoriacars. In this case a surcharge will be applied for returning the car in a different office, ONE WAY. The amount of this extra shall be between 20€ and 50€, depending on the collection and return points and will be indicated when you make the reservation.


The fuel cost is not included in the price of the hire. The vehicle will be supplied with a full tank of fuel and the customer must pay for it on collection. When the vehicle is being returned Victoria Cars will reimburse all fuel left in the car. The cost of the fuel is the same as the market price and reimburse will be in the same way as the charge.
In case of special circumstances customer will be no next to the car on return (vehicle delivered at hotels, campings, and collaborators offices of Victoria Cars Hire), the reimbursement will be organized not later than 48 working hours after return.


The mileage depends on the rate selected by the customer, as follow:

  • Car hire with Premium Pack – 150km / day
  • Car hire with Basic Pack – 100 km/day

For users and companions security, the customer must take the vehicle to any Victoriacars office every 2.000km for a revision. In the event of failure to comply with this requirement, the company will impose a penalty of 2.00€ / km.

Payments can only be done with a credit card (VISA or MasterCard).

The acceptance of a debit card is also possible only in the event the customer purchase the “Premium Pack” and a mandatory security deposit that will be according to the car group booked. The amount will be between 1000€ and 3000€.

The main driver must be the holder of the Credit or Debit Card and must be present in the moment of the collection of the vehicle.

Remember that for all Bookings made via our website, Victoriacars uses a secure server, so all details are being sent to us encrypted, according to the legislation.

Together with the vehicle, you will be able to reserve baby seats, booster seats, GPS, snow chains, etc. depending on the number of seats of the vehicle you can book up to 6 accessories. The cost of these accessories will be seen during the booking process. The customer is responsible to return the accessories in the same conditions in which they were delivered.

Additional drivers.

The additional driver is any person that will drive the rental car in accordance with the terms and conditions and will be assigned as an additional driver in the rental agreement, being a different person from the main driver or holder of the rental agreement.

All additional drivers must be present in the process of the signing of the agreement and must have a valid driving license and ID or passport according to the legislation in order to drive the vehicle.

The cost of the hire does not include the additional driver and the only one authorized to ask and pay for it is the holder of the contract.

Important! The insurance included in the rates offered by Victoriacars and the additional ones offered by any third party will only cover any possible damage to the car and third party if the person driving is named as a driver in the rental agreement, so please make sure you include all persons that may drive in order to be covered by the insurance.

Novel drivers.

The minimum age for driving a car with Victoriacars is 22 years old and at least 2 years holding a valid driving license.

In the event of a driver under 25 years old or less than 2 years of driving license, will be necessary the purchase additional extra (“Novel Driver”) in order to be named as a driver and make the booking with Premium Pack.

In Spain is mandatory the use of a special seat up until 12 years old or 135cm, adapted to the high and weight of the child. This device must be situated in the rear seats of the vehicle.

The baby seats models (9 months to 2 years old) and booster seats (2 to 12 years old) and properly approved and comply with European Standards.

Victoriacars offers the possibility to hire this accessories but in any case the provider will install them into the vehicle. This is the sole responsibility of the holder of the contract.

Is the cliente the only one that can install this kind of accessories (in case you do not know how to do it, the provider will offer the necessary instructions of How To) being the sole responsible of the wright fitting of it and the consequences of any issues related with the fitting.

The reservation of the GPS accessory is subject to availability in the moment of the collection and cannot be guaranteed, even if you have previously confirmed it. If at collection the extra is not available the amount charged will be fully reimbursed.

Customer is fully responsible for the entire GPS package, from the moment of the collection until its return. The device must be handed to the Reception employees when vehicle is being returned.

This device (and all accessories included in the box) is NOT covered by the insurance. In case of theft, lose or damage of the GPS or any of the accessories, customer is economically responsible for it. The amount to be charged depends on each provider and on the GPS Brand and model.

The cost of the GPS is for its normal use during the rental period. All scratches, damages or pieces missing is considerate a reason for the compensation mentioned.

All accessories included in the vehicle are cleaned before the rental period. Please DO NOT intend to clean the GPS device with any chemical product or wet materials, as can create damages.

As you already know, not paying attention to the road can créate an accident. Please not adjust you GPS device while driving, but when you are parked or make sure you have a passenger next to you that can make this adjustments while driving.

Victoriacars offers two types of insurance:

10.1 PREMIUM PACK (Fully comprehensive insurance recommended by Victoriacars to travel without problems. 0% incidents).

Victoriacars offers you the most complete insurance on the market to cover any possible problem that you may have during your trip.

With the PREMIUM PACK, you will have fully comprehensive insurance with 0€ excess and Civil Responsibility for third party damages up to 50.000.000 €.

Theft of the vehicle is 100% covered with o€ excess by returning the key of the vehicle.

You will have full coverage by simply showing a friendly accident form or the police report. Without any additional costs, you will also have included 24 hours free road assistance and replacement vehicle when you request it. The cost of towing the vehicle and assistance will be covered by the PREMIUM PACK.

In case of an accident against different objects or scratches on the body of the car, damages to the interior of the car, accidents or incidents against another driver without having the friendly accident for or a police report, the Premium Pack will guarantee the total cover for a minimum excess, that will be according to the car hire booked, as follow:

Group Model Excess
AA FIAT 500 50€
C FIAT 500X 100€
FR PEUGEOT 5008 150€

The payment of this minimum excess will possibly be asked for on car hire collection as a deposit or guarantee, or on return for damages caused to the vehicle without a friendly accident form or police report.

Purchasing the PREMIUM PACK will cancel any kind of security deposit or guarantee in order to collect the vehicle.

With SUPER RELAX INSURANCE you will have many advantages during your rental period:

*             Free upgrade in case of no availability.

*             You will have a replacement vehicle in case of a breakdown or accident.

*             Preferred road assistance, 24 hours a day will be preferred and with no extra costs.

PREMIUM PACK offers you full coverage in:

  • Breakage of windows, glass, and mirrors bringing a police report or friendly accident form.
  • Damage from punctures to wheels
  • Damage to the clutch
  • Battery recharging (in case of non-negligence of the driver)

Important: Wheel blowouts are considered to be the result of the negligent use of the vehicle and therefore their repair and assistance will not be covered by this insurance.

Fully comprehensive insurance Damages for glases, mirrors and punctchures Road assistance 24 hours a day
Theft, accident, and collision insurance Superior car model priority in case of no availability of model booked. Clutch damages and battery recharging
150km / day Payment with credit or debit card


Victoriacars offers you basic insurance with excess to cover the most basic needs of your rental.

With the BASIC PACK you will have the obligatory insurance of circulation of the automobile in addition to the basic Complementary insurance of Civil Responsibility for damages and injuries to third parties.

The theft of the vehicle will be insured with an excess of up to 4,000 euros, provided that the theft does not occur as a result of the thief’s access to the keys of the vehicle, as in this case, the customer’s responsibility will be for the total value of the vehicle. The company will demand the corresponding report duly filled in to the authorities and the key to the stolen vehicle.

With BASIC PACK the vehicle will be insured in case of an accident with an excess of 1,500 to 4,000 euros depending on the model. In this case, it will be the responsibility of the client to provide the corresponding friendly accident report or attestation report prepared by the authorities. In case the accident was the result of negligent driving or under the influence of drugs or alcohol Victoriacars could deny coverage of this insurance. In the event of an accident, Victoriacars will retain the appropriate deductible for as long as deemed necessary until responsibility for the accident is fully defined and, even if not at fault, the client will be charged for any legal or administrative costs arising from the accident.

The BASIC PACK establishes an excess of up to 4.000 euros in the event of collisions with fixed or mobile objects, as well as damage of any origin or nature to the bodywork of the vehicle.

The choice of this insurance implies the payment of a mandatory deposit as a guarantee that can vary depending on the group from 300 to 3000 euros. The payment of this deposit will be made by credit card in the natural currency of the country of origin of this card.

Payment of the reservation must be made by credit card. Debit cards or cash are not accepted as a guarantee or deposit.

The client who contracts this insurance will not have the advantages of contracting the PREMIUM PACK, so he will not have priority in the delivery of a superior group, he will not have the additional driver service free of charge nor the free replacement vehicle service in case of breakdown or accident.

In case the customer needs road assistance or towing service, based on the BASIC PACK may not be offered free of charge by Victoriacars having to charge the corresponding fee based on the mileage performed.

BASIC PACK does not provide coverage in case of:

– Broken windows, glass and mirrors.

– Damage to wheels, rims or hubcaps.

– Loss, theft or total or partial breakage of keys.

– Damage to the clutch, battery recharge, knocks on the undercarriage, loss or breakage of aerials or non-fixed parts of the vehicle.

In this case, the customer will be responsible for covering these damages in their entirety. Or prevent any incident by contracting PREMIUM PACK.


Accident insurance WITH EXCESS Without coverage for damages for glases, mirrors and punctchures Without road assistance 24 hours a day
Theft insurance WITH EXCESS Without superior car model priority in case of no availability of model booked. Without Coverage for clutch damages and battery recharging
Security deposit paid only by credit card. No debit cards accepted. Payment only with credit card

10.3 Relax Insurance vs. SUPER RELAX Insurance


Accident insurance WITH FRANCHISE Fully comprehensive insurance without excess 0

Theft insurance WITH FRANCHISE Theft insurance without excess 0

Accident, collision, bodywork and paintwork insurance Franchise 0 euros

Mandatory minimum deposit with credit card No mandatory deposit 0

Payment by credit card Payment by credit or debit card

No priority in superior car delivery Priority in superior car delivery free

No free replacement vehicle Free replacement vehicle

No Roadside Assistance and Free Crane 24 hour roadside assistance and crane included

No priority in quick return of the vehicle without waiting Quick return of the vehicle without waiting

No coverage for broken windows, glass and mirrors Full coverage for broken windows, glass and mirrors

No Tyre damage coverage Total tyre damage coverage

No coverage for lost or broken keys Lost or broken keys

Damage to clutch, battery recharge, or bass shocks Damage to clutch, battery recharge, or bass shocks

Vehicle downtime costs Coverage for vehicle downtime costs


  • Theft or damage to personal objects inside the vehicle.
  • Fines, tolls, and any expenses attributable to the driver of the vehicle.
  • Wrong refueling.
  • Theft of the vehicle with the keys in the ignition or theft of the vehicle as a result of the theft of the keys.
  • Damage caused to third parties or to the vehicle itself due to negligence, inappropriate driving or failure to comply with traffic regulations.
  • Damage or situations caused by driving under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs.
  • Breakage of keys due to negligence.
  • Special cleaning in case the vehicle is returned very dirty, for both in or exterior of the vehicle.
  • Smoking inside car hire will involve a charge of up to 150€


When you purchase the Cancellation Insurance we guarantee the refund of the amount of your reservation (except the amount of this insurance) if you decide to cancel your reservation. This cancellation must be made at least 48 hours before the delivery of the vehicle in order for the refund to take effect.

The amount of this insurance depends on the selected vehicle group and the supplier.

If the vehicle is reported during the rental period, the customer is solely responsible for the extent of the fine. In such a case, there is a charge of 30€ for each file of complaint for the management of fines. In the event of an accident, there is a charge of 50 ? for accident management and insurance processing. If the client contracts the SUPER RELAX INSURANCE and is fined or involved in a traffic accident, he will be exempt from the application of these fees.

It is totally forbidden smoking inside the rental vehicle. In case this rule is broken there will be a charge of up to 150€.

The minimum age for renting a vehicle is 22 and the minimum driving experience is 2 years. If you do not meet any of these requirements, please contact us.

The driver or drivers of the vehicle, must have a valid driving license in the European Union, whose original document (photocopies will not be accepted) must be presented at the time of collection of the vehicle.

Original N.I.F. or passport is also required at the time of collection of the vehicle, as well as a credit card.

The rental company reserves the right to request any documentation it deems necessary to identify and check the customer’s driving ability and to ensure both the return of the vehicle in good condition and the proper and non-negligent use of the vehicle during the rental period. Victoriacars may cancel the reservation if deemed necessary.

If the client refuses to provide this documentation or provide incorrect personal or contact details at the time of booking, the company reserves the right to cancel the booking without compensation.

At airports no car will be delivered if the customer does not present the confirmed flight ticket during the collection of the vehicle (at least the return ticket). If the customer does not have the possibility to present the confirmed flight ticket, some official documentation must be presented to prove that the customer is a resident in Spain at the time of collection of the vehicle (a water bill, electricity bill, etc.).

It is totally forbidden to drive the vehicle outside Spain (it is also forbidden to drive to Ceuta, Melilla, Balearic and Canary Islands). In case the client does not comply with this rule, the company reserves the right to charge an additional fee (Cross Border) of 100 € per day that the client leaves the Spanish territory.

It is totally forbidden to transport animals or goods that could damage, deteriorate or dirty the vehicle.

Do not forget that traffic regulations must be respected. You will be responsible for any penalty for traffic violations that apply to the vehicle during the duration of your rental period.


If you have chosen the Cancellation Insurance, in case of cancellation of the reservation the refund will be the amount of the reservation minus the amount of the Cancellation Insurance and provided that the reservation is cancelled at least 48h in advance. If you have not opted for Cancellation Insurance, in case of cancellation you will be refunded the amount of the booking less 20%.

Modifications and Extensions

You can modify or extend your reservation free of charge, informing at least 48 hours in advance before picking up or returning the vehicle, but always subject to the availability of the vehicle. Victoria Cars can deny the prolongation of the rental agreement because of: state of the vehicle, maintenance, seasons, rates, payment method, mileage, accident history of the customer, etc.

If you do not show up at the agreed place and time to pick up your vehicle without prior notice, it will be a reason to cancel the reservation. In this case, we may deduct up to 20% of the reservation fee (for processing and travel expenses) and you must comply with office hours and staff availability in order to collect your vehicle if you are still interested.

In the event of delays by the client in returning the rented vehicle of more than one hour, the company may charge a fixed fee of 50 euros as a result of not being able to rent the vehicle to another client, in addition to applying the corresponding rental rate. If the delay exceeds one day, the company will take legal action for misappropriation by claiming from the authorities the expenses derived from not returning the vehicle. In case the non return of the vehicle supose the cancelation of a confirmed booking to another customer,

Due to variations in the vehicle fleet, Victoriacars cannot guarantee that the selected vehicle model will be the one finally delivered to you. However, you will always receive a model of the same category and, if the requested group is not available, we will deliver a vehicle of a higher category at no additional cost. In case of contracting the SUPER RELAX INSURANCE you will have direct priority over a superior group among the rest of the clients who have not opted for this insurance.

If you reserve a vehicle of group H1 (Opel Vivaro or similar), please note that this vehicle is considered as an “adapted mixed vehicle”. This means that the maximum speed on the motorway is 100 km/hour and on national roads the maximum speed is 90 km/hour. The company is not responsible for the consequences of not complying with these limits.

IMPORTANT: Any additional costs incurred due to changes in national, regional or local legislation will be charged to the customer, whether or not they are confirmed in the rental conditions or prices.

IMPORTANT: The translations of these general conditions are merely informative and do not have a legally binding nature in all the details of their wording, only the Spanish version being valid.

You can reserve your vehicle using any of the following ways:

Through this website

– By e-mail at bookings@victoriacars.com

– By telephone on 0034 965 830 254

– By fax on 0034 965 832 000

– Through SKYPE: bookings.victoriacars.com

Thank you very much for trusting Victoriacars. More than 50 years providing the best service to its customers.