The beauty of the natural landscapes that Valencia offers us from north to south, and from east to west, without a doubt, has no comparison, since it is one of the places that has more castles and heritage sites within the Spanish territory. Currently, several of these historic sites remain standing and, while some have been repaired, others are waiting for a restoration.

In this last group is the Castle of Chirel, whose path has been rebuilt so that tourists and hikers can access without danger. This, in addition, is part of a future reconstruction work of the Castle of Chirel, since it is one of the oldest structures that remain standing. Let’s see, below, a little of its history, to understand the reason for this wonderful place.


Brief history of Chirel Castle

Valencia is full of corners with stories dating back multiple centuries, and the Chirel Castle is one of them. This structure dates from the fourteenth and fifteenth century, and is of Muslim origin. The fortress was built after the Christian Conquest, which took place in the thirteenth century, when the Moors were expelled, in 1609, from the Kingdom of Valencia.

During this time, the fortress of Chirel was used by the Christians as a base of operations, under the command of the king of Aragon, James I the Conqueror, since they were at war with the Muslim leader al-Azraq.

Returning to the seventeenth century (1609), and with the expulsion of the Moors, the castle was abandoned. A century later, around the year 1748, a natural catastrophe occurred, an earthquake of great magnitude that ended up collapsing an important part of the fortress.

Today, Chirel Castle is on the waiting list to be rebuilt. In any case, it is an ideal place to visit, since, although they have not repaired their structures, they have done so with the roads that lead to the castle, so that it is a safe place, away from possible collapses, and a great tourist attraction.

If we go today to the Castle of Chirel, we will find an important part of its Main Tower, its double wall and two other large towers, and, also, a large cistern, which is still standing. In addition, you can contemplate the impressive view of the Cinto del Castillo annex, the Cintos de Sácaras annex and the Cerrador, and the Cortes reservoir.

How to get to Chirel Castle by car?

The Castle of Chirel is located in the Umbria of Chirel, in the term of Cortes de Pallás. Although, for a while, the exit of the PENVA road, which leads to the Castle of Chirel from Cortes de Pallás, was cut and closed due to subsidence, since October 2021 access was enabled by this road.

The fastest way to get there, both from Alicante and Almansa (south), and from Valencia and Requena (north), is from Cofrentes, taking the N-330 road. At the Iron Bridge of Cofrentes, you must take the detour to the Castle of Chirel. Remember that this Castle is located in the middle of the mountain, so you must leave your car parked next to the road (on the ground).

FACT: To visit the Chirel Castle, you do not need to pay entrance, nor reserve your place, since it is totally free, free and open to the public.

How to get to Chirel Castle on foot?: Hiking trail

Once you have left the car parked, you must continue along a hiking route, which, although it is short and easy to do (less than 4 kilometers, round trip along the same road), there is a slope of 276 meters, which provides a wide visual field of the beautiful places that nature gives us.

From where you left your car, you have to walk down a path, until you come across a staggered path. You will come across a wide path, and you must continue walking there, this time uphill, and you will begin to visualize the Castle of Chirel and the immensity of the landscape that surrounds you. Keep walking along that same route and you won’t get lost, as it will take you straight to the castle.

Once you have arrived at the castle, you can enter it through a small entrance, located on the outer wall. Next, you will cross another door and reach the parade ground of chirel Castle.

Although it is a safe place, we recommend you take a good look at where you walk, and even more so if you go with children, since they can also enjoy this beautiful adventure.



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