The most curious fines we have received at Victoria Rent a Car

Summer is approaching and we all think about traveling to the beach, the mountains or anywhere away from our usual residence. What we all want is to escape the monotony. Whether you come from a big city or from abroad by plane, the usual thing to do is to take a car for the transfers.

You all know that it is very common to commit certain infractions, even if they are involuntary. These infractions usually occur when we are on vacation, but which are the most curious ones received by the Victoria Rent a Car‘s fine department?

 speeding ticket in Spain

Driving the car without shoes, with flip-flops or without a T-shirt

It’s summer and we’re always light on clothes and shoes. Especially if we go back to the beach, many of us tend to get behind the wheel barefoot, with flip-flops and/or without a T-shirt. You have to know that we are committing an infraction and if the authority sees us the fine amounts to 200 euros.




Eating a snack or fingernails

We come by plane, rent a car at Alicante Airport or Valencia, and have to move to our holiday destination. Or even if we live in the area and want to rent a car in Denia for a trip through Spain for example, we know very well that during the trip we have the tendency to eat something while driving. Well, you should know that whether you eat a sandwich or bite your nails while driving, you are fined 80 euros. It will almost certainly be more cost-effective to stop at a restaurant or beauty salon.

Parking on the beach

You arrive at the beach with your car and you can’t find a parking space. Typical, isn’t it? If you see a gap in the sand and a ticket, don’t go in unless you feel like paying a fine of up to 6,000 euros, unless you have a lot of money and want to be famous on social networks. Also, you will most likely need to call a tow truck, as if you don’t have a 4×4 it will be quite difficult to get out.

Throwing things out the window

It is usually a classic during trips, both short and long. Many people have a bad habit of opening their windows and start throwing things out as if there was no tomorrow. Fortunately, both for everyone’s safety and to keep our environment clean this has a 200 euro fine and if your driving licence is Spanish you will get 4 points off as well.

Driving with lights off

In recent years and since almost all cars have daytime running lights, we often see cars on the road in the middle of the night without lights in the rear. They do have the daytime running lights on, which are usually quite powerful, although not powerful enough to have good visibility and even less so for those who can reach us as they are completely off at the back. If the authority sees us and stops us, in addition to preventing a possible accident with serious consequences, they will impose a fine of 200 euros. Therefore, if you arrive by plane, you decide to rent a car at Valencia airport for example, and you don’t know the model of the hire car, make sure you have your lights on before you start.

Washing your car on the public highway

We all want to drive a clean car both inside and out. However, making the decision to wash it on the street is not the best idea. The fine if you’re caught is around 750 euros.

Driving with your arm out the window

When driving, it is a fairly common practice to place the left arm over the driver’s door. When it is warmer and the window is open, the arm is usually pulled out of the window. For this act, in addition to being quite dangerous, has brought a fine of 80 euros to one of our customers.

Carrying more people than allowed in the car

It was no small surprise when we received a fine in 2019 for stopping one of our rental cars with 7 people in it. So far, so good, except for one small detail, which was that they had booked for rent an Opel Corsa. We assume that it is a car that adapts to all needs if they have managed to get 7 people inside.

Kissing while driving

We were all thrilled to rent a Fiat 500 and go with the couple somewhere nice and enjoy the moment. Of course it is a great plan, although what you should not do is kiss the person who is driving next to you because it can bring you a fine of 200 euros.

Using the left lane for no reason

We know, it has much less traffic and for some strange reason we have a tendency to use it for no reason. Just so you know, the fine is only 200 since this lane is for overtaking only.

Driving under the influence of alcohol

It is one of the most common fines we get when there is a roadblock. We have to know that alcohol and driving are not good friends and that is why the maximum rate admitted is 0.25mg/l. If we get caught the penalty ranges from a fine to even jail time.

Now the funniest ticket we have ever seen

maquillando mientras conduce


Yes, we all want to be pretty and dressed up as we feel most comfortable. Making up while we are waiting at the traffic light is certainly not the best decision. One of our many clients made the decision to wear lipstick while standing at a traffic light and the fine was only 200 euros.

Victoria Rent a Car Fine Department

We admit, it is a very boring job. Always look at the ticket to locate the vehicle rental contract, make sure to properly identify all drivers so that traffic does not send a ticket to a customer who did not commit the infraction. But sometimes we have fun with some very funny tickets we get.

What about you? Have you received any fines that it is hard to believe you have been fined for?