Choosing the perfect rental car for our vacation

Rent a Car Alicante Airport

Rent a Car Alicante Airport

As soon as we have set dates for our much desired vacation we start making all kinds of plans to make it unforgettable.

Once we have chosen the destination, bought the plane ticket and the accommodation, it is time to book the rental car. This will probably be the most important booking of our holiday, as it will take us to enjoy the chosen destination to the fullest.

How many people are we going to travel with?

Depending on the number of people we are going to travel with and the amount of luggage we are going to take with us, not all cars are suitable for our needs.

  • For large families or groups of friends vans are the ideal rental car. They have ample space and room for up to 9 people including the driver and can be driven with a category B driving license.
  • Those who only travel 7, but have a lot of luggage, can always book a real 7 seat. There is plenty of space for passengers and enough room for luggage. In this category, the Ssang Yong Rodius and the Mercedes Vito stand out for their spaciousness.
  • The next category can be one of the most delicate. If we are 6 or 7 people, be careful with the suitcases at the time of booking. They are the so called 5+2 seats, like the Opel Zafira or VW Touran, which have very wide trunks when only 5 people travel. In addition, in the same trunk they have 2 retractable seats that can be used in case of need. However, the space for the luggage can be reduced or disappear depending on whether 1 or 2 additional seats are used.
    Many companies offer a rental car at Alicante Airport advertise them as 7 seats as they are cheaper, so watch out for the amount of luggage you carry.
  • For all of them, 4 or 5 people travel, you only have to calculate the amount of luggage we carry. We can book you a rental car like the Opel Astra SW, a van like the Peugeot Partner or if you don’t have that much luggage the Ford Focus style can be a good option.
  • Those who travel 2-3 people with hardly any luggage, the economy category is the most recommended. Small, comfortable, easy to park and very economical vehicles.

Have you selected your destiation already?

If your destination is the Valencian Community, Victoria Rent Car can help you choose the best offer for your rental car at Alicante Airport or Valencia Airport. It has a large fleet of new vehicles, continuously renewed, for the needs of all travellers.