Tips for your car rental at Alicante Airport

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Alicante Airport is one of the main Spanish airports in terms of number of passengers. It is used very frequently both for those who come here on holiday and for those who have a home here. It receives a large number of flights from the main European airports, especially from the north.

What makes Alicante airport so popular?

Above all, it is the excellent location. It is located approximately in the centre of the Costa Blanca, one of the main sun and beach destinations. It has direct access to the A70 motorway, which if we continue north we can reach cities such as Benidorm, Altea, Calpe, Javea or Denia among others. To the south, we will find Torrevieja, Orihuela or La Manga del Mar Menor.

In the year 2019 more than 15 million passengers were registered

Opened on May 4, 1967, it has not stopped growing over the years and the number of flights has increased. If in the year 1970, it registered its first million passengers, in the year 2020 it broke its record by almost exceeding 15 million passengers.

The largest number of flights comes from the United Kingdom, although it has numerous flights from Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany and Scandinavian countries, among others.

Means of transport

If we hire a car at Alicante Airport is probably the easiest way to get around the area. To do this we have to take into account many aspects, so that no one ruins our holidays.

Choosing the right rental car

Before leaving on a trip, we have to choose the right car for us, but which one is the right one? If we travel with a couple and without luggage, probably the rental of a Fiat 500 at Alicante airport is the best option. In a small car, manageable and above all easy to park wherever we go.

However, if we travel more people and we are going to have suitcases we have to calculate better the space. We can rent the typical 5-seater ranch car where we travel comfortably 5 people and a lot of luggage. If our group is bigger, we have the option of renting a 7-seater Opel Zafira, a Mercedes V that besides being a 7-seater has a large trunk. Finally, we have the option of renting an Opel Zafira 9-seater car if we are a large group we simply have a lot of luggage. Of course we can also rent a luxury car at Alicante Airport if that is what we are looking for.

Car Rental Offers

Once we have decided on the car we are going to rent, it is time to look for the best offers. Of course, not always what is cheap it really is, so our recommendation is to read carefully the conditions of the reservation.

Booking with a broker

It is a doubt that always comes up if we are hunting for offers on the internet and hence our recommendation to read carefully the booking conditions.

When booking through a broker we will always find the most convenient initial price. However, as a rule we have to take into account several obligatory options that we have to pay at the destination

  • Airport taxes which in many cases are not included in the price
  • Administrative fee for fuel management. This may make the offer more expensive by as much as 50-60 euros
  • Having to pay a deposit for possible damage caused to the vehicle during the rental period
  • The obligation to pay the car in a credit card only and to have a high limit to cover the deposit
  • Having to take out a second insurance at the counter in case we don’t have a credit card or enough limit for the deposit
  • The risk of not having the vehicle delivered to us if the conditions are not strictly adhered to
  • The little flexibility at the counter compared to a direct booking.

Therefore, the low price seen initially may be quite expensive even before picking up the vehicle.

Book directly with Victoria Rent a Car

When you book directly, with Victoria Rent a Car you have a number of advantages and it is very likely that in the end your rental car at Alicante airport will be cheaper.

  • No airport taxes to pay
  • No administrative fees of any kind. They take the car with a full tank of fuel and return it full.
  • When contracting the Premium insurance you will not have to pay any kind of deposit or guarantee. Travel in peace.
  • You can choose the form of payment that suits you best. Credit card, debit card or even cash.
  • The insurance is already included in the price, so no employee will try to sell you anything at the counter. Everything will go smoothly
  • The rental car is guaranteed, as long as you meet the minimum conditions, driving license and identity card.
  • Very flexible when giving you the car you requested or even one of the higher category.

Differences between picking up the car at the same airport or outside

Alicante Airport car hire ques

By renting a car at the same airport, you can make us think that everything will be very quick and easy. Nothing could be further from the truth. First of all, if our flight arrives at rush hour we will face long queues. Sometimes we can even wait several hours.

Once we have collected the keys we will have to walk loaded with luggage to the public parking and find our rental car at Alicante Airport.

If we decide to rent a car off Alicante airport, instead we will probably have many more advantages.

Shuttle bus waiting to take customers at Victoria Rent a Car Alicante Airport

The main one is that at Victoria Rent a Car we have a large fleet of courtesy vehicles. The minibuses travel continuously and we do not have waiting times. As soon as you get down to the meeting point, we will take you to our office. You will not have to wait for the car to fill up before getting off.

When you arrive at the office, you will not find queues at the counter. Therefore, you will pick up your rental car right away and enjoy your vacation.

Will I have trouble returning my rental car?

Shuttle bus waiting to take customers from Victoria Rent a Car to Alicante Airport

It is an even easier process than pick up. You only need to bring the car to our office and the courtesy minibus will take you to the airport. You will be able to plan your time much better.

A modern fleet covering all categories of rental cars

Victoria Rent a Car is a reference in the field of car rental at Alicante Airport. It has more than 40 years of experience in the field of car rental at Alicante airport.

Fleet of Victoria Car Hire at Alicante Airport

Offers economic car rental for two people, cars with large trunks and vehicles up to nine seats.

Fiat 500X white

For the most demanding, we have a new service of luxury car rental in Alicante with a fleet in continuous growth. Now we have vehicles of the brand Mercedes-Benz, although soon more models will arrive, all of them with very complete equipment.

Victoria Rent a Car Luxury cars


Where can I rent with Victoria rent a car?

Besides offering an excellent car rental service at Alicante Airport, Victoria Rent a Car offers car rental at Valencia airport.

From the central offices, you can rent a car in Calpe or if you wish, we can take it to your hotel or home.

Without a doubt, Victoria Rent a Car will have the car you need ready, offering an excellent service at the best price.