Basic tips for your Car rental

More and more customers are choosing to travel by air and rent a car, either at the airport or at the final destination.

This is mainly due to the low prices of flights, but no less important is the time saved in comparison to travel by car. A very important factor is the price of the cars, which in some destinations can be very low. For example a Car rental at Alicante Airport for only 110.00 Euro with full insurance.

What should I take into account when I need a car rental?

With so many offers that you can find on the internet, one has an infinite number of options where to choose. However, you should bear in mind that sometimes the prices seen only show a part of what you really have to pay. The rest is in the particular conditions.

If you are willing to leave a deposit on your credit card you can always choose a car rental at Alicante Airport for a very low amount. Keep in mind that anything that may happen to the vehicle during your rental the car hire company will be deducted of the security deposit. In addition to this, there is an administrative fee for fuel management that applies, plus the cost of private insurance in case you plan to hire one.

Victoria Rent a Car Alicante will deliver the car generally with a fully comprehensive insurance, without excess and without deposit. In these cases, the price that the client sees in the web is the same that he has to pay, without the need to acquire other extras at the arrival.

At the same time, having an all-inclusive rate makes it easier to collect the vehicle, as there is no need to spend time inspecting the vehicle, either on the way there or on the way back.

What happens in case of an accident?

As a rule, if the customer has made a reservation with a basic insurance the road assistance service is not included in the price. Therefore, the customer has to look for a towing service to tow his rental car to the nearest office.

If you have a rate with full insurance, with a simple call the car rental company sends a tow truck to you within a short period of time together with a replacement car if necessary.

Therefore, before booking check the conditions of hire, sum all mandatory extras and compare with the all-inclusive rates. Maybe you will have a pleasant surprise.


If you are still not convinced of which is the best option, check our website. You can find a rental car in Alicante Airport for only 110.00€ per week with full insurance.