Slow down of the containment measures in Spain COVI-19

As we well know this virus has completely changed our lives and the way we think and see things. We have gone from spending our time on the streets almost all day to being forced to stay indoors for almost 2 months now.

We understand that all this is for the benefit of our health and not to spread the virus further. At the same time, as the days go by we have learned to be positive. We know that every moment that passes is nearing the end of confinement and moving to a new normality.

Each country has taken measures to respect this to a greater or lesser extent and we can say that Spain has been one of the countries most affected. At the same time, the responsibility of the people has been a great asset and the rules imposed have been respected.

After almost 2 months of being locked up and due to the increasingly hopeful news, with a considerable decrease of new cases and deaths, the time has come to relax. The time has come to be able to go out into the streets, play sports, take the children for walks and various activities. Of course, all this with certain limitations and keeping the distance from other people.

¿How will the de-climbing be?

The Government has decided that it will be done in several phases, so that it is as orderly as possible and the risk is reduced as much as possible.

Therefore, we are going to have 4 phases and in each of them we will be able to do more things than in the previous one.

Phase 0

This is the first phase of the de-escalation from 4 to 11 May. Even with very strict measures and well established schedules, we are allowed to go out to the streets to do sport, always individually and for a walk.

Leaving home from phase 0:

– Sports can be practiced, always individually, and team sports are prohibited. It will be done once a day, in the morning from 06.00 to 10.00 or in the afternoon from 20.00 to 23.00. There is no time limit within any of the bands. It is for people between 14 and 70 years old.

– People over 70 years old can go for a walk between 10.00 and 12.00 or in the afternoon from 19.00 to 20.00.

– Children under 14 years of age may go out in the street accompanied by a responsible adult between 12 noon and 7 p.m., for 1 hour a day and always within 1 km of home

You will be allowed to do the shopping and go to work, as you have done up to now.

Opening of business in phase 0:

– Businesses with spaces of up to 400m2 may be opened, always by appointment and serving a maximum of 1 customer per available employee. The security and hygiene measures will be maximum to avoid contagion and we will keep a distance of at least 2 meters. They will be disinfected twice a day.

In addition, they must provide a preferential corridor for people over 65 years.

Purchases must be made in the same town as a rule.

– Restaurants and cafeterias may serve take-away orders. Orders must be placed online or by telephone only.

– Hairdressers, provided that an appointment could be made.

In phase 0 it will be mandatory to wear a mask if we have to use public transport whatever its nature. In addition, we recommend the use of the mask whenever we go out, but it is not compulsory.

Phase 1

In the second phase of de-escalation the measures start to relax even more.

– Social meetings of up to 10 people will be allowed, respecting the distance

– Opening of small businesses, such as clothing stores

– Terraces, with an occupation of up to 50%.

– Hotels and tourist accommodations without being able to open the common areas

– Access to the places of worship will be possible, always bearing in mind that the occupation cannot exceed 30% of their usual capacity.

– Museums may also be opened with the same occupancy rate as for places of worship

– Open-air markets, with distance between stalls

Phase 3, or the so-called Intermediate Phase

– The restaurants are scheduled to open for table service, but are still limited in capacity.

– Trips to second homes will be allowed, if they are in the same province

– Cinemas and theatres, visits to monuments and exhibition halls, limiting capacity to 30%.

– Sport of hunting and fishing

– Weddings, for a limited number of guests

– Educational centres, such as booster clubs or childcare.

– Shopping centres, but without the use of common and recreational areas

– Cultural activities. It will be limited to 50 people if it is indoors and 400 if the event is outdoors.

Phase 4, the Advanced

– A relaxation of general mobility

– Opening of discotheques and night bars, reaching up to 30% of their maximum capacity

– Opening of the beaches, respecting the distance

– Seating restrictions will begin to be reduced, but with strict separation between people.

The last phase, which will be the new normality, is expected to come into effect from the end of June.

However, it must be taken into account that each phase has estimated deadlines and that they depend strictly on the evolution of the pandemic. In addition, they may change at any time, tightening the containment conditions again if necessary.

From Victoria Rent a Car we want to send a reassuring message to all our customers. We know that these are very hard times for everyone and it is because of them that we make the maximum effort to understand the needs of each of our clients.

How does Victoria Rent a Car prepare itself for the new normality?

We have taken advantage of all this time to establish hygiene and disinfection standards in all our offices. This way we want to be sure that all customers can rent a car in Calpe, Alicante or Valencia Airport without the slightest worry.

The cleaning and disinfection of the vehicles

Our commitment is always the safety of the customer, so we have purchased approved products for optimal disinfection of vehicles. All of them are manufactured by our regular suppliers who have more than 30 years of experience in this type of products.

We have also made available to our team the new machines for disinfection with ozone for the interior of vehicles.

Without forgetting the exterior, the washing tunnels have been equipped with antibacterial liquids for impeccable exterior cleaning.

In addition, each vehicle we rent, once returned by the customer, is being disinfected again and stopped for several days for safety.






Therefore, if you need to rent a car in Calpe you can come to our offices during the usual opening hours. If you need to rent a car in Altea, Moraira, Benissa, Denia, Jávea or any other town in the area, you can call us or make a reservation by phone and we will deliver the car to your home.

We remind you that we also have office for car rental in Alicante Airport and Valencia Airport.


Putting of our part, we are sure that this virus will stop it between all.

We call you, to reserve a car


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Alan Maclean
Alan Maclean
21:15 22 Feb 20
First expressions are everything. Honest Service. Rented for a week from calp office . There was no hidden rip off... fees which most tourists get stung by. Staff were friendly and made all clear . Even were good enough to drop car to hotel I was staying at (and picked up from) that saved me wasting any precious holiday time. Would reccomend and I'm sure i will use again. Thank you. ;) Aread more
Anja Beate Sviggum
Anja Beate Sviggum
14:00 19 Feb 20
Good prices, nice staff, great service, good condiciones.
Terry Locke
Terry Locke
08:24 19 Feb 20
One price, no gimmicks no hidden surprises. Brilliant
Peter Drake
Peter Drake
19:52 25 Jan 20
Excellent communication, service with no hidden costs for the second time.
Svetlana Kukobat
Svetlana Kukobat
14:11 14 Jan 20
We have a great experience with this company, everything that we asked we got if we come again to Spain we will book... Victoria more
Daniela James
Daniela James
13:51 14 Jan 20
Rented at Alicante Airport on a few occasions, always good value and service. They now rent full return full so even... more
Tom Veitch
Tom Veitch
16:30 08 Jan 20
I've been renting cars in Spain for years and Victoria Cars has been the best experience...Reasonable prices, reliable... cars, no rip off rental tricks as petrol is full to full, minimum time from entering office to driving off. Wish the whole industry learnt from the Victoria Cars more
Robert Phillips
Robert Phillips
20:18 22 Oct 19
Great service. I got a new car at a reasonable price with full insurance delivered and collected from my hotel.
Michelle Powels
Michelle Powels
20:40 19 Oct 19
Excellent service. Car was delivered to the hotel with no extra charge and with full insurance.
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