KeepSafe Mode Enabled. Book your car hire with Victoria Rent a Car and feel safe

Desinfection products

From Victoria Rent a Car we will offer you all the guarantees to make your car rental as safe as possible.

We believe that both our clients and employees deserve the best conditions when they are in our offices.

That is why we have implemented a series of measures to reduce the risk of infection with COVID19.


Measures adopted

For our customers

Ozone generator

We know that when renting a car the first thing they think about is the number of hands it can pass through and the risks this involves. Well, let us tell you this is completely false because:

  • Every car is fully disinfected. In addition, we pay special attention to the most common places, such as the steering wheel, hand brake or gear change among others.
  • We disinfect each vehicle with ozone generators. Disinfection with ozone helps to kill almost all bacteria. This kind of disinfection is carried out with the engine running, the doors closed and the air conditioning at its full capacity.
  • For the exterior cleaning of the vehicle, we have acquired products specially recommended by the manufacturers, which, when mixed with soap, help to improve disinfection. For the most common areas we pay special attention, such as door handles and luggage compartments.
  • We disinfect the car key at the end of each rental period
  • Each time a car rental contract ends, the vehicle is immobilised for a reasonable period, for subsequent disinfection.
  • All our offices have a capacity limited to one client at a time.
  • We have installed protective screens at the counters.
  • The clients have at their disposal disinfectant liquid and gloves, all free of charge.

The trip with our shuttle from the airport to the office and back

If you have a car rental at Alicante Airport or Valencia Airport you will have to use our courtesy shuttle bus service. We want to assure you that it is completely safe and therefore we mention several of the measures we have taken.

  • The journey will be made with as few people as possible. Preferably we will arrange groups so the passengers or each car rental can go together in 1 shuttle.
  • In case there are 2 groups of clients and to guarantee both safety distance and avoid crowds, a second minibus will be used.
  • We have Hydroalcoholic Gel available for the clients.
  • The use of the mask, both for our staff and for the clients, is mandatory.

If you have booked your car hire in Calpe, you should know that there is a limited capacity for one customer. Same as in the car rental offices at Valencia Airport and Alicante airport, we have hydroalcoholic gel and gloves available to our customers, all free of charge.

For our employees

Protection screen at Alicante Airport office

We know that our employees are the ones who represent our company. That is why we have invested time and capital to ensure that they have the best security measures.

  • Continuous training with all the updates on COVID19. The courses are done in collaboration with experts in the field.
  • The temperature is taken every time they come to their work place.
  • Masks is mandatory and they have to keep the safety distance at all times.
  • Employees working in the office will wear, in addition to the mask, protective screens for the head.


Whether you want to book a rental car for your holiday, or need it because yours is in the shop, Victoria Rent a Car is a safe place. You can be sure that your rental car will be completely disinfected and the staff will attend to you with a big smile under the masks.