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Here you will be able to find all answers to your questions related with the car hire. From the first steps until the completion of the reservation. If you can not find your answer, please feel free to contact with Victoria Cars.

Tip: If you book a car hire with Victoria Rent a Car directly, you will get the best price guaranteed.

Where can I make a new booking?

On Victoria Cars website you will find always the best offerts. Making a direct booking, we can be sure that will always get the best price on the market. Car hire with fully comprehensive insurance, with no deposit and no excess.

Victoria Cars official webiste where you can make a direct reservation

In which destinations can I reserve a car hire with Victoria Cars?

Victoria Cars have several offices where we can make our car hire booking also an effective car hire delivery service to your house or hotel.

Victoria Rent a Car Alicante Airport
Partida Lo Morant, Polígono II, Parcela 136, El Altet, Alicante, 03195
Tel. 96 583 02 54

Victoria Rent a Car Valencia Airport
Carrer Maestrat, 17, Polígono La Cova, Manisses, 46960 
Tel. 96 583 02 54

Victoria Rent a Car Calpe
Avenida Generalitat Valenciana 1, Calpe, 03710, Alicante
Tel. +34 96 583 02 54

How can I rent a car if I am not close to any of Victoria Cars offices ?

Victoria Cars offers it premium car hire delivery service to your house or apartment. The working system is very easy. You can book your car hire on the webiste or by phone and just need to make sure you will inform us about the exact address where you need the car to be delivered. This service includes the delivery of the car hire to your hotel, private or holiday house or camping where are you staying.

For wich places is available the car hire with delivery service?

At the moment you can book in the following locations:

Car hire in Calpe Car hire in La Fustera
Car hire in BenissaCar hire in Moraira
Car hire in TeuladaCar hire in Benitachell
Car hire in Javea Car hire in Denia
Car hire in La Xara Car hire in Ondara
Car hire in El Vergel Car hire in Oliva
Car hire in PegoCar hire in Pedreguer
Car hire in Gata de GorgosCar hire in Orba
Car hire in AlcalaliCar hire in Jalón
Car hire in Pueblo MascaratCar hire in Altea Hills
Car hire in Altea la VellaCar hire in Cap Negret
Car hire in AlteaCar hire in Alfaz del Pi
Car hire in AlbirCar hire in La Nucia
Car hire in Polop de la NuciaCar hire in Guadalest
Car hire in BenidormCar hire in La Cala de Finestrat
Car hire in FinestratCar hire in VillaJoyosa
Car hire in Callosa D’En SarriaCar hire in La Sella
Your destination is not this list please contact Victoria Cars Customer Service and if the location is in the same area the rental car will be delivered to you.

How many people can drive the car?

Will be authorized to drive the car hire any person that is indicated into the rental agreement. There is a maimum number of driver, up to 4, the main driver plus 3 extra drivers.

You need to have in mind that in case of an accident, if the person that drives the vehicle is not on the contract as authorized driver, the insurance will lose all its covers. The driver will be responsible for any damage caused. This includes damages to the vehicle, towing charges, transport, fine, damages to third party and all legal expenses generated.

What are the requirements in order to hire a car?

The most important aspect is to have a driving license, valid for driving in Spain and at least with 1 year old.
Are valid all driving liceses from EU or other country that the EU have a special agreement for driving in its territory. For all customers with a driving license that is not on the list will need to present also the Internation Driving Permit (IDP).

Click on the link in order to check all driving permits accepted.

Is there a maximum age in order to rent a car?

You can book a car without any restrictions between 24 and 75 years old.
If you have more than 75 years old you will need to add a small extra charge for Senior driver and you will be able to rent a car without restrictions.

What is the minimum age in order to hire a car?

In order to hire a car with Victoria Cars you will need to have at least 24 years old and 2 years of Driving Permit.
All drivers between 22 and 24 years old will also be able to drive a car by paying an extra charge.

If you have less than 22 years old and you want to rent a car please contact Victoria Cars Customer Service.

Can I rent a car if I have lost my driving license?

Even if you have lost your driving permit or it has been stolen or renewed and did not get the new one, you will need to have a special authorization provided by you local authority, allowing you to drive in Spain. You will also need to present a picture of the driving permit or a photocopy.

If it is because of lose or theft, you will also need to present the corresponding police report in order to be able to hire a car without driver.

Can I rent several cars on my name?

For your comfort we allow all customers to book as many cars as they need on their name.
However when collecting the cars all drivers will be present and each car will be under its corresponding driver. It is not allowed to be main driver in several cars during a rental perdiod.

You can book as many cars as you need. However on arrival you can only be driver in one of the cars and for all the others the lead driver will be changed to the new person.

How can I access my customer area?

  1. If it is the first time you make a booking with Victoria Cars, you will receive a confirmation e-mail with the password.
  2. If you are already a customer you can log in into your customer area and check all your bookings.

What can I do into my customer area?

Once logen in you will be able to see all you passed and future bookings, change personal information and request invoices. If we also have a promotional offer will be automatically applied.

Asking for a formal invoice (IVA)

In all rental agreements you will be able to see all Victoria Rent a Car fiscal information and also all detailed information about each charge

Furthermore, if you need a forma IVA invoice or its equivalent in the EU countries you can simply request it.
Generally this is caimed by companies and Self Employed.

What does cover the insurance of my car rental?

As long as you book your car hire direct with Victoria Cars will be applied our terms and conditions.

  • Basic Insurance
    Includes on the compulsory driving insurance. In this case the customer must pay a security deposit between 1000.00 and 3000.00 euros on a valid credit card under the name of the lead driver. Customer will be responsible for any possible damage caused to the vehicle.
    There is no free road assistance sevice.
  • Premium Insurance
    This is the fully comprehensive insurance offered by Victoria Cars. It is probably one of the most complete packege the you will find on the market.
     The price indicated at the time of the car hire booking, if the Premium Insurance is selected, is the very end price. There will be no security deposit and also no excess to be paid. Futhermore, there is a big payment flexibility and is accpeted nearly every payment method.
If you select the Premium Insurance you will be fully covered. You can also select nearly every payment method you wish.

What insurance do I have when making a booking through a different website than Victoria Cars?

We recommend you to read all terms and conditions of the reservation before you complete. You will see everything what is included or not in your car hire reservation. You will also see if needed to pay administration charges on arrival or not.

Whats does the Premium Insurance do not include?

  • Under no circunstance the key of the vehicle will be covered for loss or damages
  • Damages to the tires caused by hiting any kind of object (Puntchures and tires explosions are fully covered)
  • Dirving under effects of alcohol and drogs, legal or illegal
  • Driving out of the normal streets, racing or practicing negligent driving
  • Ignoring the traffic rules, such as driving on forbiden ways.
  • Theft with Keys in contact
  • Wrong refuelling and towing costs due to it.

Can I book a baby seat?

Yes. We have a wide offer of baby seats you can chose from.
You can book:

  • Maxi cosi
  • Baby seat 0 to 36 months
  • Baby seat 9 to 36 months
  • Booster seat from 140 cm high

Can I book a car hire with GPS?

Yes. Nowadays the GPS navigation systems you can rent at Victoria Cars are all Tom Tom, latest generation. Before you book you car hire with GPS we recommend you to check if the car selected have already a GPS built in. In this case would not be necessary to book a separate GPS as it is already included.

Can I book a car hire with snow chains?

Yes. However, we recommend you NOT to wait until the last minute, but book it in advance. That is because it is a limited extra and its size change according to the vehicle we will supply to you. See Victoria Car hire fleet. Is because of this that we wcan only guarantee the availability if the booking of your car hire with snow chains has been done in advance.

Can I rent a car in one office and return it back in a different office?

Yes, as long as both, collection and delivery are locations where you can find a Victoria Cars Office.
You will also be able to book a car hire in any of Victoria Cars destinations where you can book a car hire with delivery to your address.

Will the One-Way Rental have a cost?

Yes. This extra is called One-Way Rental and you will need to pay an extra of 30 euros on top of the car hire price. You will see the cost of the extra in the last step, just before you confirm the reservation.

I have made the booking only, but I can not see the One-Way Rental charge. Will I have to pay it at the office?

No. That may be because there is a special offer and this extra is free in that moment. The only amounts to be the charged for your car rental service is only the ones you will see on your booking voucher.

You can book a car rental in one office and rentur in a different office. This service is called One Way Rentals

What kind of cars can I rent?

Victoria Cars Fleet is a made of many models and car groups, for any of your needs.
You can book:

Can I rent an Automatic car?

Yes. You also can select from our fleet the option to hire an automatic car. We will have available this kind of cars in any of the offices.

How long in advance shall I make the booking?

We recommend you to make the reservation as soon as possible, in order to get the lowest rates available.

Except in the high season, when you wish to rent an economy car hire or compact car, you will always find available.

If what you need is to rent a premium car hire or automatic, it is possible there is no availability foor last minute bookings, as they are special vehicles and the availability is limited.

Is there any mileage limit?


  • All rentals between 1 and 4 days will have a limit of 150 Km per day
  • All rentals for 5 days or more will have a limit of 2500km per rental.

What is the cost per extra Km?

The cost per KM will be according to the car hire category you have booked. Please check Victoria Cars terms and conditions.

Will it be safe to hire a car during COVID-19?

We took all measures necessary to protect both, customers and employees against COVID-19.

You will be able to find on Victoria Cars Blog an article with all measures we took against COVID-19

How can I book on Victoria Cars Website?

We leave a short video where you can see how fast is to make a car hire booking at Alicante Airport with Victoria Cars.

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