Tourism was stopped for years by the pandemic, but the imperious places that exist in Benidorm have been waiting for their tourists. If you want to spend a few days of beach, sun and sand, the Island of Benidorm. From the coast of Benidorm, you can see the beauty of the island, one of the most emblematic places in the city.

How to get to the Island of Benidorm

The Island of Benidorm offers an extraordinary view from the four cardinal points. From there, you will notice that, although there is not much vegetación, it is one of the local points that attracts more tourists by day. This clarification is worth it, since, at night, the Island of Benidorm is desolate and silent, as if it were a place to be only during the day, but this is not so. The islet reaches 73 meters high, and has an area of 6.75 hectares. It is located just 4 kilometers from the coast (2.5 miles) and you can get there by boats, specialized for this type of tourism.

What to do on the Island of Benidorm

Benidorm is one of the most important cities in Spain, an attraction for beach lovers, such as Poniente and Levante, as well as legends and local festivals, which take place throughout the year, such as Easter, or the Patron Saint Festivities, with different popular parties, peñas and even the selection of queens and ladies major and minor.

When we arrive in Benidorm we will find a not very big city, so you can get from one place to another on foot. Being an islet, the Island of Benidorm is reached in the so-called “Swallows”, provided by the company Excursiones Marítimas Benidorm, which are the boats specialized in taking tourists through the Mediterranean waters for a journey of between 15 and 20 minutes, passing through the bay of Benidorm, Villajoyosa or Altea, and even the Peñón de Ifach, in Calpe, while you can see the crystal clear bottom of the sea during the journey.

If we talk about tourist attractions on the Island of Benidorm, we can not fail to mention the water and underwater activities, because its waters are crystal clear, which offers an impeccable view towards the bottom of the ocean, so the Island of Benidorm is an ideal place for divers, divers and, for those who prefer a less risky activity, they can choose to snorkel in the places authorized for this practice, or, simply, get into the water and contemplate the wonderful landscape.

Fun facts about the Benidorm Island

Upon arrival at the islet, you can try the local Mediterranean food in the only restaurant found on the island, which has a specialty in rice dishes. If you prefer, you can take a meal and have a picnic by the sea, but beware! The Island of Benidorm preserves its flora and fauna, so it is considered part of the Natural Park of Serra Gelada.

Did you know that on the Island of Benidorm there are no inhabitants? No one lives on the islet, that is why, at night, it is totally uninhabited. In fact, the employees of the only restaurant on the island and any staff return to their homes after the day, to return the next day. As the story goes, pirates used the island as a base to attack coastal towns. At the time of 1830, the cholera epidemic was wreaking havoc on people, so some families settled on benidorm island to flee the plague.

Recommendations to go to the Benidorm Island

  • Bring sunscreen.
  • Go with comfortable clothes and shoes.
  • He carries a backpack with water, sunglasses, and a hat.
  • Don’t forget to bring your diving goggles.
  • Try not to carry a baby stroller, as it is somewhat uncomfortable to walk with it on dirt and stones.
  • Do not leave the marked trail and authorized bathing areas.
  • Find out more about the time of return to the costa.

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