Talking about Benidorm, as you surely know, is talking about one of the most important tourist destinations not only in Spain but also in Europe. However, despite the fact that many people are familiar with its gastronomy and leisure activities, not many people know about these remote coves, which have a lot to offer.

For all these reasons, and because the members of Victoria Cars have enjoyed many of them, we believe that it may be a good idea to go over some of the most impressive ones. These are coves that, with their peculiarities, stand out for the quality of their water and sand.

La Cala del Tío Ximo

When we go to a cove we are looking for something as natural as possible, in most of the times. Well, we have to say that if you want nature in its purest form, Tío Ximo’s cove can offer it to you.

Located in the northern part of Benidorm, what we have in front of us is a cove where rocks and sand are the main protagonists. A cove that seems to be designed for those people who love to dive and enjoy the wonders of the sea.

Moreover, all this with the added advantage of having two extraordinary details: on one hand the easy access and on the other hand the calm it offers.

Cala de La Almadraba

We do not leave nature in a pure state. More than anything else, because La Almadraba cove is located next to Tío Ximo cove, which means that, although with nuances, its style is similar.

In this case we are dealing with a cove that is situated at the foot of the Sierra Helada and which is perfect for disconnecting from the worldly noise of daily routine. Here you will be able to enjoy a relaxing bath while you enjoy the sunshine.

Moreover, with respect to other coves, in La Almadraba we will be able to find an area with sunbeds that will make a day of rest complete. It is also an ideal place to practice some water sports such as diving.

Cala del Mal Pas

Right in the middle of the famous Levante and Poniente beaches we find the Mal Pas cove. An enclave where its fine sand is the one that stands out above all. Moreover, it does not matter that it is at the foot of the castle of Benidorm, and consequently in the centre of the city. It is a cove that simply transports you to another place.

Many people are surprised by the great amount of services that this small cove has. In it we can find foot wash service or areas with sunbeds.

But that is not all, and we say this because we have been witnesses ourselves, in the summer time people who come there will be able to enjoy night music shows.

La cala Finestrat

Without a doubt, this is one of the most famous coves in this town of Alicante. Only 10 minutes from the centre of Benidorm we come across a cove at the end of the Poniente beach.

In this case, we are grateful that it is a cove with very calm waters. In fact, it is ideal for the little ones in the house as the waves are practically non-existent. It is very easy to access and with a car park we can say, without a doubt, that few coves are going to offer what this one can.

A perfect excuse to disconnect from everything that has to do with the daily routine and to refresh yourself in the calmest way you can imagine.

Cala del Metge

One of the things you look for when you are trying to locate a cove is that it is virgin. Well, the Metge cove is all we can wish for in this respect. Under the cliffs of the Sierra Helada, we will be able to enter crystal-clear waters with a large sea bed to be discovered.

However, it must be said that this is not the most suitable cove for sunbathing. This is because this cove goes completely into the rocks. A fact that leaves us with no other option but to take a refreshing dip accompanied by one of the best landscapes you can imagine.

Before finishing we could not miss the two main beaches of Benidorm. They are, without a doubt, the two emblems of this town bathed by the Mediterranean Sea.

La playa de Levante

This beach runs between two very characteristic points which are Punta Pinel and Punta Canfali. With just over two kilometres of urban beach, we have to say that it is not rare for Victoria Cars’ team to drop by.

With very calm and clean waters and very fine sand, it is one of the most famous beaches in Europe. No wonder, every year, it is visited by hundreds of thousands of tourists.

With all the amenities you can imagine, this is one of the beaches where you can spend the whole day as it has dozens of leisure centres and restaurants.

La playa de Poniente

We are talking about the longest beach in Benidorm. So much so that it has just over three kilometres of beach where, above all, its sand stands out. A fine, shiny sand that is perfect for disconnecting and letting yourself be bathed by the sun’s rays.

With warm waters and a large number of places where you can have a snack, without a doubt this is one of those beaches where you can spend the whole day alone, with friends or family, thanks also to all the leisure possibilities that you have within the Poniente beach itself.

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