At Victoria Cars, and we say this from our own experience, we know how relaxing a day at the beach can be. That sea breeze crashing on your back, while you leave your mind blank listening to the murmur of the waves.

Therefore, because what we want is that you not only enjoy a day at the beach but that you do it in the best, we are going to take you a virtual trip to those beaches of Valencia that you may not know and in which it is worth spending a day … or more than one.

Malvarrosa Beach

We already know that it is a classic, but we do not have to stop talking about it. Located in the northernthest area of the Port of Valencia, this beach stands out for its spaciousness and for having a high-quality sand.

With a length of about 1,800 meters this beach, at the same time, delights us with a great tourist and leisure offer both day and night. Ideal to arrive in the morning and not leave it until the sun sets.

playa malvarrosa

El Cabañal Beach – Las Arenas

Also, very close to the port we find the beach El Cabañal. Also known as Las Arenas it must be said that it is one of the beaches par excellences that we can find in the province of Valencia.

It is a perfect beach for families to visit as it has very calm waters. If we add to this the fact that it is 60 meters wide and a length of about 1,200 meters, little more can be asked of it.

Well, something else. And it is that the colleagues of Victoria Cars have been able to enjoy the great hotel offer that is on this wonderful beach.

Pinedo Beach

Anchored in the southern area of the yacht club of Valencia this is another Valencian beach that has the distinctive blue flag. With a very fine sand and a length of about 2,700 meters long, it is one of the beaches with the calmest waters in the entire province.

To all this we must add an environment in which the dunes and the native vegetation of the place predominate. And all this with the added advantage that it is very close to the downtown area.

L ́arbre del  Gos Beach

If we have highlighted the beach of Pinedo before, it is located a little further south. Following the characteristics of the beaches of Valencia, in this case we find a sandy surface of about 2,600 meters in length.

With a lane specially made for bicycles, with the blue flag waving in all its splendor and with the Albufera Natural Park nearby, we can say that it is one of those beaches that you must visit without any excuse.

El Saler Beach

Surpassing the records that we have seen so far, on the beach of El Saler we find an extension of about 5 kilometers. A gift for the view since along it we will find golden sand and waters in almost total calm.

Of course, you can always find some other corner in its waters if you are a surf lover since there are certain currents that make the practice of this sport a real delight.

With an average occupancy even in high season, you will also be able to all kinds of services so that you will not lack any kind of detail.

La Garrofera Beach

In the middle of the Albufera Natural Park we find La GarroferaBeach. A beach that is characterized by being among many dunes that delight tourists.

To all this we must add that they have an area specially reserved for those people who want to practice nudism. With an extension of about 1,500 meters and an amplitude of about 40, we are talking about a beach that has all the comforts we can imagine.

La Devesa Beach

We will finish our review of the best beaches in Valencia with La Devesa beach. A beach where we will be able to be in full contact with the wildest nature in all of Valencia.

Near the Albufera Natural Park we will be able to enjoy the flora and fauna. With all kinds of amenities and with an arena that we can only qualify as extraordinary, few people can resist the almost 5,000 meters of extension of La Devesa.

Some beaches that we believe are a must if you are in Valencia. A way to disconnect from the daily routine and enjoy the rays of the star king.

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