We must go to the Sierra de Mariola to witness the birth of the Vinalopó River. A mountain range, which we do not tire of visiting in Victoria Cars, and that can be considered as one of the lungs of Alicante. A fact that we do not say lightly since there is nothing more to see its extension: 17,000 hectares of full nature.

Going a little deeper into its location we have to say that the source of the Vinalopó River borders Alcoy, Muro, Concentaina, Bocairent  and Banyeres. A birth that is anchored in the Natural Park, recognized since 2002, since it has the pride of having several summits that exceed 1,000 meters.

How is the route through the source of the Vinalopo River?

If you want to know if the route of the source of the Vinalopo is ready for you, we can only answer in the affirmative. And it is that although the total route amounts to 7 km, it must be made clear that it is a very simple route. Not in vain, the slope only reaches 30 meters and can be covered in a period of about 2 to 3 hours.

What can be seen on the route of the source of the Vinalopo River?

The route that we will be able to enjoy in this enclave is one of the most beautiful in the entire Spanish geography. Not in vain, it is a route that thousands of tourists visit annually. People who not only like to be in contact with nature but to enjoy a unique tour.

Going into a little more detail, we have to say that there are many details that we can enjoy throughout this route. That is why we recommend, we have already done it, that you take your camera.

  • The Farmhouse can be considered, without a doubt, as the starting point. Here you can leave the vehicles without any kind of problem to start the route to the known as Font de la This first section will pass through a series of farmhouses, which are in different states of conservation since there are some that even date from the early nineteenth century.
  • Now it is the lathe to see some of the most impressive mills in the national geography. We refer to the Molí de Dalt and the Molí de Baix. Two mills that are part of a conglomerate of factories worth seeing.
  • This can be a good time to prepare our camera. And at this point we will be able to descend to the river and enjoy the unparalleled beauty of the Toll An incomparable setting in which we will be able to witness small waterfalls of great beauty.
  • Crossing the river through a bridge we will be able to continue along the road to the interior of the forest. As it can not be otherwise, the greater presence of trees is the perfect excuse to stop, have a snack, refresh yourself and continue with the march.
  • We have already arrived at the Font de la Coveta. In this fountain, despite the passage of time you can still see a small jet of water. A unique snapshot that is worth immortalizing since it is when we will be able to contemplate the beauty of the source of the Vinalopó River in all its splendor.
  • To start with the return say that it will be able to be done by the same way of going. A perfect opportunity to soak up these small nuances that have escaped us and to take those photographs that we have overlooked before.

Additional information about this spectacular route

The experience, and the dozens of times we have gone to travel this route, allow us to ensure that in Sierra Mariola you will be able to find many routes in addition to the source of the Vinalopo River.

That is why it has been put, and continues to be put today, a lot of effort tomake the local gastronomy a reference. If you add to this the large number of places to spend the night, we can only say that we are talking about a dream enclave.

  • The rural apartments of La Alquería del Pilar have a unique rustic style. With a large garden and a comforting pool, they are perfect to spend a few days.
  • The MasQi, The Energy House is a hotel that is anchored in a farmhouse of the nineteenth century. Tradition and good taste to relax and disconnect.
  • The Hotel Rural Mas Fontanelles is a so-called charming hotel. Located in the middle of nature, it has a swimming pool and a restaurant serving traditional food. Perfect to enjoy an extraordinary landscape.


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