When we talk about populations that are surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea, there are some very typical ones that soon come to mind. However, it must be said that there are others, such as the case of Denia, which are a real revelation.

For this reason, and because we know that some of the people who work in Victoria Cars have succumbed to its charms, we believe that it may be a good idea to approach some enclaves that are very worthwhile.

The Castle of Denia

First of all we are going to climb to the heights and have a bird’s eye view of this Alicante town. For this we are going to go to the Castle of Denia.

A site located in the upper part of Denia whose architecture reminds us of the strong influence that the Taifa kingdoms had on these lands. Not in vain, the walls of this stone mass, its towers and its archaeological museum are a sample of the past reminiscences.

However, you cannot leave without contemplating all the splendour of this coastal town seen from the highest part of the castle. A unique panorama that you will surely want to capture forever.

The historical centre of Denia

Now that we have seen a very general map of Denia, let’s put the feets on the ground and go into the heart of the historical centre. One of those must-see visits that no one should miss.

A good starting point is the Plaza de la Constitución. There you will be able to visit the Town Hall and walk along Calle Loreto which is the main street. From this point on, you can let yourself be carried away by its people, the colourful streets and many places to stop for a tapa. A way to make a little stop along the way and continue with renewed energy.

Enjoy its hiking routes

We think it is a good time to walk around and experience some of the best routes this town has to offer.

Many of them, in fact in Victoria Cars we believe that they are some of the best, are the ones that have the access in the Natural Park of Montgó. It is right next to the city and has no way of getting lost.

However, for those people who want a slightly bigger challenge we can always go a little further. Specifically, to give an example, to Fleix and feel the suffering of the Barranc de l’infern in our legs.

However, it is important to note that this route is especially designed for those who have some experience. For those people who are just starting or who want something calmer with the sole objective of enjoying the surroundings we have, as we have already said, the routes of the Montgó Natural Park.

Activities for alternative tourism

In any case, in Denia you will always be able to find alternatives for everything. Some of them are the ones you will be able to find in the area of Les Rotes. A place where you can enjoy some really interesting activities.

Among them we can highlight all those that have to do with windsurfing, wakeboarding, kitesurfing, paddlesurfing or kayaking. A perfect occasion to enjoy the sun and the sea and, why not, immortalize some moments that for sure will remain in everybody’s mind.

Did you really think we forgot about the beach?

Well, no. The answer could not be clearer. Now that we have seen some history, we have soaked up the local culture and enjoyed some activity; there is nothing better than enjoying one of Denia’s most characteristic landscapes.

To do this we have chosen some small rocky coves, located in the area of Les Rotes. There, to the south of Denia, we will be able to find some ideal spots to relax get some sun and enjoy the peace that the sea breeze gives us.

And all this with the attraction of being able to see the cape of San Antonio and even stopping to eat something in some of the restaurants that are nearby.

It’s time to go around the Baix la Mar sailor’s district.

This is another must if you are visiting Denia. You only have to take a look at this fishermen’s quarter to see that it is full of life, no matter how you look at it.

One of the advantages is that it doesn’t matter if you go in the afternoon or during the night. In either of these two moments you will be able to find activity. And we can tell you that we have been there several times.

Amongst many other places, we would like to highlight the Plaça de Sant Antoni and La Creu. Two places where there are always people and which attract attention because of the many terraces of the bars. An excellent way of facing the end of the day.

But of course, if what you want is to snap one of those photographs that will be the centre of attention of anyone who sees it, it will be the one you take with a “click” sculpture. Maybe that name doesn’t ring a bell, but if you’re a Paymobil lover, it sure does.

We have put you on the table in the form of a route so that from the moment you set foot in Denia until the end of the day, you will have everything as easy as possible.

However, as you have seen, you will not only witness all the cultural mix in this Mediterranean town. You will also be able to enjoy the great gastronomy and, of course, the beaches. Do you really think you can ask for anything else?

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