Speaking about Altea, is talking of one of the most charming towns we can find on the Costa Blanca. No wonder why, every year hundreds of thousands of people come to soak up its streets, its climate and, of course, its gastronomy.

Therefore, with the aim of making the most of your time, whether you are there shorter or a longer time, from Victoria Cars we want to recommend you some places that are a must to visit. Take good note and let yourself guided by the twists and turns of this Mediterranean jewel.

Would you like a coffee in the Town Hall Square?

We are convinced that the answer is a clear yes. That is why we can’t stop recommending this place to you.

The heart of Altea, from here, once you have eaten your breakfast, you will be able to go to other places of interest such as the old town or the promenade. However, first of all we recommend that you enjoy this square for a few minutes.

Its numerous terraces and shops will allow you to enjoy the local people’s activity. A perfect excuse to, at the same time, buy some souvenirs.

Discover the old town

Now that we have the energy to start our view of Altea, a good idea might be to start with the old town.

Its cobbled streets are a true marvel that makes clear the architectural tradition of this town. A tradition that is also reflected in the blue-tiled houses.

You can also stop and take some pictures in some of the most emblematic squares such as La Plaça de L’Aigua or Plaza de la Cruz. A way of being in the very heart of the Mediterranean culture.

The Orthodox Church Immortalised

Although it may seem to be taken from another time, the great Orthodox Church that we can find within the town, specifically at Altea Hills, is a real marvel.

Made of wood brought from the Urals, it is a Russian construction from the 17th century, and you only have to take a brief look to be amazed by its domes. A picture that becomes essential from every viewpoint when you visit Altea.

Get rid of stress in the Garden of the Senses

If you have made the decision to travel to Altea we recommend that you do not rush to see everything this wonderful town has to offer. A good example of this is the impressive Garden of the Senses.

A tea shop that hides a secret inside. There you will be able to enjoy an endless number of plants. No wonder the flora of the five continents is represented. An ideal place in which many members of the Victoria Cars team disconnect from the worldly noise of the daily routine.

The promenade. A must

Could not be otherwise. How could we be in Altea without enjoying one of the best promenades of the whole Mediterranean coast? It would be a sacrilege that we cannot afford.

Therefore, what we are going to propose is to start in the port, as from there we will be able to cover the entire coast line without any problem. On the promenade, as is usually the case on the Costa Blanca, you will be able to find a large number of restaurants where you can enjoy the Mediterranean cuisine. A delight for the senses, undoubtedly.

Once you return to the port, if you haven’t already done so, we strongly recommend that you take a look at all the boats that are docked there. You can count more than 500 so the show is more than guaranteed. And all this with an image that will remain in your mind forever, which is none other than the arrival of the fishing boats.

We keep close to the beach

If there is one thing that is clear to all those of us who have visited Altea before, it is that this town is synonymous with quality on each and every one of its beaches. These beaches are a delight and at the same time have a great variety.

Amongst its beaches, all of which are made of gravel and have clear waters, we can highlight, amongst others, the Escollera beach which is the closest to the town centre. Also worth paying attention is the Roda beach where the youngest members of the family can enjoy dozens of games.

Apart from these, also others may be of interest to you such as Mascarat Beach, Olla Beach or Cap Negret Beach.

Will you be in Altea on the 10th of August?

If the answer is yes, we can’t tell you anything else that is your lucky day. And it is every year that Altea celebrates the festival of San Lorenzo.

A unique festival in which the Castell de L’Olla is the great protagonist. A sound and pyrotechnics show that is the pride of this town. In fact, for more than 20 years this festivity has brought thousands of tourists to Altea to get to know it in person.

A show full of magic with the sea as an ideal backdrop for the whole family.

If there is one thing that is clear from this tour that we have designed, it is that in just a couple of days you will be able to visit the most emblematic places in Altea. Some places that are perfect to visit both alone and in the company of your loved ones.

A way, at least from our point of view, to reconnect with the Mediterranean tradition. To know how other cultures influenced it and, this is undoubtedly the most important thing, to return to your daily life with a totally renewed energy.

Little more can be asked of a town that, by the way, is surrounded by so many others with great charm and tradition in terms of tourism.

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