At a time when technology and rush are the main protagonists, it is curious that more and more people want to get closer to nature. Perhaps as a return to one’s origins. To be in contact with nature in its pure state.

And what for? Well, surely to escape from the daily routine. To escape from the constant noise heard in the cities, which does nothing but cause stress, which, in a way, is killing us.

Hence the importance of the continued existence of places like Charcos de Quesa. A place that our colleagues at Victoria Cars have described as a paradise, and the truth is that it is no less important.

What arCharcos de Quesa?

In reality, Charcos de Quesa are nothing more than a group of 4 natural pools. These pools are located among all sorts of mountains, bushes, forests full of pines and an endless number of aromatic plants. A perfect combination for, as we said just a few moments ago, coming into contact with a unique environment.

The culprit, if you can call it that, of this spectacular formation is the Rio Grande, which, among other things, allows these pools to have different surfaces and depths.

An ideal environment for peace and leisure

It’s as simple as that. If there is one thing that characterises Charcos de Quesa, it is that it is a place where anyone can enjoy both alone and in company.

Above all, and taking into account that this is probably one of the main doubts of many people, it must be said that in each and every one of the pools bathing is allowed without any kind of restriction. A refreshing swim in crystal-clear waters that are almost typical of Caribbean environments.

However, the only measure that the local authorities take at certain times of the year is to impose a price for access. A total of 2 euros per person. This fee responds to the need to control the capacity to a certain extent and thus preserve everything that has to do with this natural environment.

However, this is not the end of what Charcos de Quesa can do for you. They have a recreational area in which there are perfectly defined spaces to be in the shade. And all this with all the possible comforts as we will be able to find fountains, tables and toilets.

How can you reach this unique enclave?

It must be said that access to Charcos of Quesa does not require following complicated routes. In fact, this is one of the details that our colleagues at Victoria Cars value most.

In fact, it is one of the details that our colleagues at Victoria Cars value the most. From that point there is a totally linear and simple route that allows you to cross the whole area of the ravine and then follow the course of the Rio Grande in parallel.

To say, as a note specially thought for the most curious, that this is a unique opportunity to get some snapshots. Some of those photographs that will remain forever in your retina.

Once you have reached Charcos of Quesa, you will be surprised to find that you can leave your car parked in the recreation area. Unlike other places of this type, in this case it is not necessary to walk for hundreds of metres to reach our destination.

Don’t leave, there is still much more

It may seem like a lie but Charcos de Quesa still have some surprises in store for us.

To begin with, the one that will surely please animal lovers the most. In the first of the pools they will be able to take a nice bath with their pets. That’s right. In this pool, bathing with dogs is allowed, which is a real attraction since man’s best friend will also be able to enjoy a unique day.

If we talked a few moments ago about the possibility of taking some photographs during the journey to our destination, it must be said that there are many strategic points within this enclave where we can stop.

  • El Chorro is a spectacular waterfall of great beauty. And not only because of its clarity but also because it forms a really beautiful ecosystem. So much so that all around we will be able to witness flora and fauna without equal.
  • El Charco de la Horteta is another of those points that we must mark on our map. A starting point, in fact, for all those people who like hiking. A path that will take us to the Abrigo de Voro, which is nothing more than a group of cave paintings, declared a World Heritage Site, that will take us back in time.
  • And for those who like adventures with a marked component of difficulty, they will have at their disposal a via ferrata of high difficulty. In this K4 rated route, you will find a rocky path wherever you are. A real challenge for the most demanding.

As you can see, it is not necessary to leave Comunidad Valenciana to be able to find amazing places. This, in particular, is only one hour from Valencia so it is accessible to everyone. A place that is not only visited by the Valencian people themselves but also by other people who love nature.

A day that can be unforgettable, especially when the temperatures are high, as this is when you will be able to enjoy the swimming pools the most. An occasion to disconnect from the worldly noise as we have already said and to recharge that inner battery that we all carry that allows us to face the day to day.

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