To enjoy the most beautiful landscapes and incredible natural phenomena, you don’t have to go very far. In the province of Alicante you have the opportunity to visit the great Laguna Rosa in Torrevieja. A unique tourist destination located among the largest saltwater lakes in Europe.

In recent years, the significant growth of the tourism industry in Spain has boosted the popularity of the country’s most important regions and points of interest. Thanks to this, you can visit incredible destinations such as the Natural Park of the Lagunas de la Mata and Torrevieja. In addition, through the multiple information available on the internet you can find all the information you need to prepare a fun adventure with your family, partner or friends.

The Pink Lagoon of Torrevieja, a unique spectacle in the whole of Spain

Located in the Natural Park of Las Lagunas de la Mata y Torrevieja, the Pink Lagoon is an incredible natural phenomenon with more than 1,400 hectares of extension. A great mass of pink water that you will not find in other regions of the national geography.

It is a great and totally different landscape that you should include in your list of things to do and places to visit in this province of Alicante. Of course, you are probably wondering why this particular pink and even fuchsia colour is so attractive and unique on the Costa Blanca.

The cause is nothing more than a very simple and interesting chemical process, caused by the Dunaliella salina species. A marine bacterium that is responsible for releasing a pink pigment into the water characterised by its high salt concentration.

Without a doubt, an incredible landscape popularly known as the “Dead Sea” of the Community of Valencia. A very accurate statement, as the high concentrations of salt in the pink water are comparable to those of the real Dead Sea.

In this sense, in the Laguna Rosa in Torrevieja it is possible to find concentrations of 350 grams of salt for every litre of water. For this reason, you can enjoy an unparalleled view of pink water, although you will not be able to bathe in it.

How do you get to the Pink Lagoon in Torrevieja?

Declared a Natural Park in 1996, the Natural Park of the Mata and Torrevieja Lagoons covers a total of 3,700 hectares. It is one of the best tourist destinations in the Vega Baja del Segura region, in the province of Alicante.

Reaching the incredible waters of the Laguna Rosa is very easy, as the Natural Park is only 30 minutes away from the town of Santa Pola. If you are visiting Murcia you should not miss the opportunity to take the best pictures of the great pink water body, due to the proximity to both places.

In addition, the natural enclosure is characterized by its multiple access routes, among which the N-332 road stands out, which you can take from the north. And when you arrive at the natural park, you have the possibility of parking your car, thanks to the small car park they have prepared for tourists.

Similarly, in the city of Torrevieja you can find a wide variety of tourist routes. Tourist trains that will allow you to get to know all kinds of details about Alicante’s salt flats and the enigmatic pink colour of the lake’s waters.

You can also learn much more about the great natural park reserve thanks to the guided tours that will give you the best information about the flora and fauna of the region.

What activities can be done in the Pink Lagoon of Torrevieja?

As mentioned above, the Pink Lagoon of Torrevieja is an incredible tourist destination where you can appreciate a natural phenomenon unique in all of Spain. However, it is a place where you will not be able to swim or splash in the water due to the high concentration levels of salt.

For environmental and safety reasons for visitors, the authorities of the Natural Park of the Mata and Torrevieja Lagoons have forbidden the immersion of tourists in the water.

This is a valuable and exciting experience that you can immortalize with photos and videos taken with your favorite camera. Likewise, there are many other activities you can do after getting to know the curious pink water of the lake.

Interpretation Centre of the Natural Park

One of the options available to you is the Natural Park’s Interpretation Centre. From there, you have the opportunity to enjoy the view of flamingos, ospreys and even grey herons. A real enjoyment of the local fauna.

Participate in the environmental education workshops

The staff of the National Park offers you the best environmental education activities in which you can participate together with the other members of the family. Besides having access to outstanding recycling workshops, you can take guided tours and learn about more than 150 species of flora found in the park.

Looking for accommodation?

After an incredible day out on the Pink Lagoon of Torrevieja, you can find a wide range of accommodation services in the city at the best prices. This way, you can relax and enjoy the outstanding villas with swimming pools in Torrevieja, as well as its great hotels that allow you access to terraces with panoramic views of the whole region.

All this is what you should know about the Pink Lagoon of Torrevieja. One of the best tourist activities you can find and enjoy in the province of Alicante, which, by the way, we have already enjoyed in Victoria Cars. This way, you will be able to live, among others, the incredible experience of visiting the Dead Sea of Alicante and its most attractive natural phenomenon: the great mass of pink water with more than 1,400 hectares of extension.

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