Car hire collection and delivery at Valencia Airport

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All information you need for for delivery and collection of your car hire at Valencia Airport.

I have rented a car at Valencia Airport, where do I go?

At Valencia Airport, Victoria Rent a Car has a meeting point.
You will just have to go out of the Terminal Building, cross zebra and go to the Express Parking.

Victoria Cars Shuttle Bus will be waiting for you, and drive at the car rental office based at less than 3 minutes away. This is a free service.

Shuttle Bus de Victoria Rent a Car en el Aeropuerto de Valencia
Victoria cars shuttle bus at Valencia Airport

Why shall I use this car hire service?

It is a very comfortable option and much faster that if you hire a car inside the airport. You will avoid large qeues, and after that need to walk until the public parking to collect the car.

Exact location in google maps:

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