Road assistance for major accidents

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We have been involved in a major accident. How should we act?

Beeing involved in an accident is much moro common that it look like.

In case we have been involved in a major accident with or vitouth victims first thing to do is to keep the calm and follow the steps. Getting nervous or agressive will not improve the situation.

You will have to contact the Emergency Services. If you do not know the local number you can always call the General Emergency Number 112. We must inform our exact location, if there are dead or injured persons or / and personal damages. The Emergency Service will inform the Police and Ambulance in case it is necessary.

Do I also have to inform Victoria Rent a Car?

Yes. It is mandatory to contact Victoria Rent a Car Road Assistance. You must know the registration number of the rental vehicle or your contract number. You will be asked for your exact location.

Will I get a replacement vehicle?

Yes. As long as the accident was not caused because of temerity, off road driving. Also you must not be under the effect of alcohol and drugs, legal or illegal.

I have been driving under the effect of alcohol, drugs legal or illegal and caused an accident. What shall I do?

You will have to contact Victoria Rent a Car Customer Service and inform about. All expenses generated, including car repair, fines and legal charges will be con customer’s account.

What is the cost for a replacement vehicle?

Changing the vehicle will not have any cost for the customer. In case you have booked your rental car with fully comprehensive insurance, Premium Pack the towing service are are free of charge.

In case you have booked your rental car with basic insurance, Basic Pack, customer will be responsable for the expenses. Will be deducted off the security deposit.

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