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How shall I act if some brokes into my rental car?

The first step and the most important, you will have to contact the Police. The general telephone number is 112.
Just after that you must Contact Victoria Cars Road Assistance. Please make sure you know the registration number of the car (you can find it on the key and also on the car), or your Contract Number and the exact location where you are.
Please note you will have to go at the closest police station and register the complaint. If you have booked your car rental with fully comprehensive insurance, Premium Pack, you will need to bring a copy of the police complaint at the any Victoria Rent a Car offices.

Will the insurance cover me?

Windows and mirrors are fully covered by the insurance, as long as you have booked your rental car with fully comprehensive insurance, Premium Pack. If you reservation is with the Basic Pack the amount will be deducted off the security deposit you have paid.
Under no circuntance, any of your personal objects will be covered by the car hire insurance offered by Victoria Rent a Car.

What shall I do if my rental car has been stolen?

The first step is always to contact the Police Department in the location where you are. If you do not know their local number you can always call the general emergency number 112. You will first have to ask if your rental car has been towed by the local municipality.
Just after than you must contact any of Victoria Rent a Car offices and inform. They will also help you with all steps you will need to follow.

Make sure you are still in the possesion of the car key. You will have to take to the office.
In case you have lost also the key of the car, will be considerated that the robery of the vehicle took place because you have lost the key of the car, or left it in contact. In this case you will be responsible for the entire cost of the vehicle. Under no circunstance the insurance will cover.

What are the steps to follow if I have lost the keys of the rental vehicle?

You will have to contact Victoria Rent a Car Customer Service and inform about it. The cost of the key will be charged, same as the shipping of the new key to you, even if you have booked the car hire with fully comprehensive insurance, Premium Pack. Unfortunately this is not covered by the insurance.
You will also need to inform the nearest police station and secure the vehicle in order to avoid a possible robery.

Once you have a copy of the key, for security, you must come to once of Victoria Rent a Car Offices and change the vehicle. The change is free of charge and the only condition will be that you will need to deliver the car back with a full tank of fuel.

How can I get a copy of the key?

You will first have to contact Victoria Rent a Car Customer Service.

All costs to send the keys will be on customer’s account. In case customer decide to come to the office to collect the key will be responsible for any costs related.

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