Road assistance for breakdown or minor accidents

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The rental car does not start. What shall I do?

  1. Many of the manual cars only start if you press the clutch. Make sure you press it.
  2. If when you press the buttons on the key fob the car does not unlock, please use the key blade to open the car. The lock is normally situated in the drivers door. It is possible that the battery of the remote control is empty. In this case, once the car is opened, you can put the key in contact and will start normally
  3. For the cars with automatic transmission it is imperative the gear box is on the P position. Otherwise it is possible it will not start
  4. If there are no light on the boar computer and the car do not react when you put the key in contact it is possible that the battery of the car is empty. In this case you must contact Victoria Rent a Car Road Assistance and they will give you all details necessary to start it, or send you the Assistance Service.

How shall I act if I do not remember where I have parked the car?

It is possible that sometimes and specially if we are in a new place, not to remember where we have parked the car. First of all, it is advisable to to panic and walk through the streets or parking lot until we find it.

If still not found, you can contact Victoria Rent a Car Customer Service and they will be pleased to help you.

How to act if the rental car has been towed away?

You will need to have your car hire rental agreement and the key of the vehicle.
First step to do is to identify the Police Station that lif your car. Normally you should have a sticker on the place where your car was parked with their contact details. In most of the cases you will first have to stop at the Police Station and pay the amounts asked for the service and only after that go to the deposit in order to collect your car.
You need any help with this you can always contact Victoria Rent a Car Customer Service Department.

How to act in case of a puncture?

All Victoria Rent a Car hire Fleet have a replacement tire or a repair kit, depending on the vehicle. You will also find all the tools necesary to replace the tire.
In case you have a puncture or tire explosion, you will have to change the wheel yourself or use the repair kit.

If you have booked your car with with fully comprehensive insurance, Premium Pack, the tire will be covered by the insurance. However, the change will have to be done by the customer. The Road Assistance is not included in the price, because you have all tools necessary to it in the act.
Once changed or replaces the tire you will have to come to any of Victoria Rent a Car Offices in order to change the vehicle for a new one.

In case you have any issues in changing or repairing the tire you can always contact Victoria Rent a Car Road Assistance Department and will be pleased to give you all indications.

How to act in case I lose the key of the car?

You will have to contact Victoria Rent a Car Customer Service and inform about it. The cost of the key will be charged, same as the shipping of the new key to you, even if you have booked the car hire with fully comprehensive insurance, Premium Pack. Unfortunately this is not covered by the insurance.
You will also need to inform the nearest police station and secure the vehicle in order to avoid a possible robery.

Once you have a copy of the key, for security, you must come to once of Victoria Rent a Car Offices and change the vehicle. The change is free of charge and the only condition will be that you will need to deliver the car back with a full tank of fuel.

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