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Do I have to leave a security deposit if I rent a car with basci insurance?

Yes. The amount of the security deposit will be according to the vehicle you book. This will be between 1200.00 euros and 3000.00 euros.

The security deposit for your rental car can only be paid with a credit card, Visa or MasterCard.

Can I pay the security deposit with debit card or cash?

No. The security deposit for your rental car will only be accepted with a valid credit card VISA or Mastercard.

I have a private travel insurance. Is this valid?

A private insurance for car hire is an external product and not associated to Victoria Rent a Car. If it is valid or not, will be determinated by the company that has sold this product in case of a possible claim.
When the rental car is beeing collected at any of Victoria Rent a Car offices, customer must present a valid credit card and pay for the security deposit indicated in the booking confirmation.
If there will be any additional damages on the hire car, will be deducted off the security deposit. Victoria Rent a Car will supply customer a formal invoice and all details asked for the future claims. Once you have this information you will have to contact the private insurance company and claim all damages. The payment will be aproved or deniend by that company.

How long it takes until the security deposit will be reimbursed?

Once vehicle is inspected and there are no additional damages on the car hire the security deposit will be reimbursed. If no damages the reimburse will be done within the same return date. In case there are damages on the car the reimburse will be done as soon as the evaluation is completed. For any doubts or question Victoria Rent a Car Customer Service Department will be pleased to answer.

What does the Basic Insurance includes?

  • Car hire wil security deposit between 1.200,00€ and 3.000,00€, depending on the car hire group booked.
  • Airport taxes
  • IVA
  • All admin fees
  • 80km/day of rental. Each additional KM will have a cost between 0.15 and 0.25€ per km, depending on the vehicle booked.
  • Payment only with credit card Visa or Mastercard
  • Road assistance excess of 500,00€

What does not include the Basic Insurance

  • Payment with debit card or casf
  • Traffic fines. For every ticket will be charged and amount of 40,00€ as administration charge.
  • Free road assistance
  • Any type of damage caused to the vehicle during the rental period.

Can I drive out of Spain with the Basic Insurance Pack?

No, not with the insurance pack.
To be able to drive our of Spain you will need to book the car hire with fully comprehensive insurance, Premium Pack and the Cross Border Extra.

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